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Units. Left to right. Make a whole.
Cinematic City
Cinematic City 2
Tel Aviv Bauhaus
Believable Unrealities: Toronto G20

Solo Shows
Drive and See: The Circle Road of Iceland
Synthesis in Colour

One Offs
Walmart, State College Pennsylvania
Let's Worry about Tomorrow Tomorrow
Darkness: Untitled
Party Room at Milk Glass
MuchMusic Video Awards Test Pattern
Garden in the Loire Valley
Headlamp by Headlamp
Giuseppe Zanottis at Paris Fashion Week

National Ballet of Canada
Romeo and Juliet
Carmen for FASHION
Christopher Wahl shoots Jillian Vanstone
Heather Ogden's Shoes
Swan Lake for Fieldguided
Elena Lobsanova as Juliet

Toronto Life Magazine
David Hoffos
Flavour of the Month: Teas
Gold Wars
So Long, Jack
Real Estate Guide 2012 Intro Page
Neighbourhood Watch: The New Annex
Control Freaks
Stroke of Genius
Glitter Boy
House Wars September Cover
Ice Baller
Parlour Games
Terror Train
High Times at Appleby College
Best Neighborhoods in Toronto
York University Rape Story
Reasons to Love Toronto Feature: Regent Park Pool
Water World
The Condos are Coming
The Big !#*&ing Dig
Reasons to Love Toronto 2014 Cover
Outrageous Real Estate Market

*TESTING* Food: Based in Time *TESTING*
Latitudes of Cabbagetown
The Canadiana Suite: Coureur des Bois
Dan Deacon Performance w/Flash Gun
John Milner You're So Boss
Take it to the MAXX
Rectilinear Propagation: Architecture of Walter Gropius
Mies Autour du Monde
Chateaux and Schloss
Idocs Guide to HTML
Volklingen Ironworks - Saarbrucken
Zollverein - Essen